Delicious food for every mood!

About Us

We are a family owned ​and operated food truck ​that serves irresistible ​comfort food. Our ​mission is to keep you ​smiling with every bite. ​Treat yourself to a feel-​good meal today!

A Matter ​of Taste

There's a reason our ​regulars have been ​coming back for more. ​Word of mouth has been ​our only advertisement - ​but happy mouths are ​the best ambassadors!


Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Our menu follows the seasons, ​featuring the best local produce ​available.


Comfort Food, Elevated

We have crowd-favorites on the ​menu - and we do them our way. ​Our flavors stand out, ​guaranteed!


Passion in our creations

We pour our hearts into making ​each meal one to remember.

Star ​items

Jumbo Chicken Wings- Variety


That are too good ​to pass up

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Packed with flavour,

cooked to perfection


Made using the best ​fresh ingredients


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Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Flour tortilla filled with seasoned chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, tomato, sour ​cream, creamy chipotle sauce and a tostada. Served with fries.

Pulled pork Sandwich

Brioche bun filled with pulled pork bbq & apple coleslaw. Served with fries.

Loaded Hot Dog

Pork & beef sausage, with bacon, cheese, tomato, homemade pickle, and ​crunchy onion.

Fish and Chips

Traditional beer batter coated cod, served with coleslaw and shoestring fries.


With crudités and fries. Flavours: Hot, Bbq, Lemon Pepper or Honey garlic.

Fish Tacos

3 coated fish tacos in corn tortilla, topped with Mexican coleslaw, lime, ​cilantro and salsa.

Salmon Power Bowl

Pan fried salmon, a mix of jasmin rice and quinoa, toped with cucumbers, ​cabbage, tomatoes, sesame seeds, with a soy and ginger dressing and chipotle ​mayo.

Truffle fries

Shoestring fries with truffle oil and parmesan cheese, with a lemon garlic ​dressing.


Keep them classic: french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds; or add pulled ​pork.

Rolling you soon!

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